Polythematic electronic magazine of Don State Technical University



Manuscripts should be sent to the editors via the website http://bps-journal.ru/

Initially, you must register yourself on this site as an author, and then register the publication. The authors registered on the journal’s website get the opportunity to upload an article to the journal’s database on their own and subsequently monitor the status of their publications.

Requirements for the manuscripts of articles 

1. Scientific articles sent for publication in the Electronic journal "Safety of man-made and natural systems" should be designed in accordance with the requirements below.

The article should contain:

  • article title;

  • information about the authors (surname, initials; place of work, city, country; email address);

  • annotation in the volume from 100 to 250 words;

  • list of keywords or phrases in the amount of not more than 7;

  • bibliography, recommended volume from 10 to 30 references.

In the case of submission of articles in Russian, the above points should also be presented in the English version. If the original article is written in English, then in addition this information is recommended in Russian.

The article should be clearly structured, i.e. It should contain sections generally accepted in scientific publications, namely:

  • introduction;

  • problem statement;

  • theoretical part;

  • conclusions (conclusion).

2. The file template in which to type the article (Appendix 1).

3. The manuscript of the article is sent to the Electronic Journal in electronic form in MS Word format.

4. The volume of the manuscript of the article, designed in accordance with the requirements (font Times New Roman, size (size 14), line spacing 1.5), should not exceed:

– review article over 25 pages;

– Articles over 18 pages;

– short message over 6 pages.

5 The following documents should be uploaded to the maintenance of the manuscript of the article by the authors on the official website of the Electronic Journal:

expert opinion on the possibility of publication in the open press (DGTU staff contact Com. 2-606);

license agreement on granting the right to use the work on a non-exclusive basis;

((download the contract form here))

All documents listed in this clause should be sent in the form of color scanned copies made from signed documents in the Portable Document Format (PDF).

6. Редакция оставляет за собой право не принимать работы, оформленные и представленные с отступлениями от требований